How long have you been getting acquainted with your husband? How long have you been married? The child also got bigger and left the hand. Does the husband think me only as a mother or a housekeeper? Town crowds are hand in hand with friendship. Will I throw away a woman like this ... I came across suddenly on my way back from the supermarket. At that time, a man spoke out. He was a classmate. As I told you to talk a bit and consult me, I went home. He is still single as he is. When I heard the story, I was touched my hand and I told you that I liked you from long ago. I guess it was the first time in decades that I told you I liked you. I was trying to misunderstand it, but he said that I looked at my eyes and liked it again. At that moment I felt something hot in me. I thought that I wanted to be embraced by him. I have become wanting him. I have never thought that asking and giving actions are so wonderful. Acting acts of giving joyfully to fill my crotch tightly, delivering a hard feeling when sucking suddenly. I did not know real sex. Like a teenage girl I asked for pleasure with sex with him. I can not return to long ago .... 幼馴染の夫と付き合い始めて何年?結婚して何年だったっけ?子供も大きくなり手を離れた。夫は私を母親か家政婦としか思っていないのだろうか?街ゆくカップルが仲良さ気に手をつないでいる。私はこのまま女を捨ててゆくのだろうか…スーパーからの帰り、不意にそう思ってしまった。その時、男性から声を掛けられた。同級生だった。少し話をし相談したいと言われたので家へとついて行った。彼は何故かまだ独身。話を聞いていると、手を握られ、昔から好きだったと言われた。好きなんて言われたのは何十年ぶりだろう。私は照れて誤魔化そうとしたが、彼は私の目を見つめ再度好きと言ってきた。その瞬間私のなかで何か熱いモノを感じた。彼に抱かれたいと思った。彼が欲しくなってしまった。求め与え合う行為がこんなに素晴らしいと今まで思った事はなかった。愛おしくしゃぶると硬くなり精を放ち、私の股間をみっちりと塞ぎ喜びを与えてくる行為。私は本当のセックスを知らなかった。まるで十代の生娘のように彼とセックスを快感を求めてしまった。私はもう昔には戻れない…。