This VTR is a picture of a morning human coma that mother sends 10 sons to school and company. At first glance it seems to be a very ordinary big family, but in this house my son and husband's morning sunshine treatment is mother's work! Please see how mothers chased by busy chores in the morning get caught in successive violence while becoming pierced by Ji-Po, becoming muddy ahaa.このVTRはお母さんが10人息子を学校や会社に送り出す朝のヒトコマを撮影したものです。一見ごく普通の大家族に見えますが、この家では息子や旦那の朝勃ちチ○ポ処理はお母さんの仕事!チ○ポを突き刺されながら、朝の慌ただしい家事に追われるお母さんが連続生中出しされ、ドロドロアヘアヘになっていく姿をご覧ください。