Humiliation project drama hypnosis / brainwashing sample video Product code: 1sdde 562 Hypnotic ray 4th work! This stage is Mama's Valley! Suzuki of the protagonist is a character who is not good at assistant coach & miscellaneist of handsome coach Ota. Suzuki had been overwhelmed by his married women, and they had been badly treated. Suzuki who got a hypnotic ray will dominate freely and hit sexuality to his married woman in order to clear the resentment so far! NTR is a must-see in an obscene pose and in front of her husband辱め 企画 ドラマ 催眠・洗脳 サンプル動画 品番: 1sdde562 催眠光線4作目!今回の舞台はママさんバレー!主人公の鈴木はイケメンコーチ太田の補佐&雑用係で冴えない性格。スズキは人妻達にこき使われて、ひどい仕打ちをされていた。催眠光線を手に入れた鈴木は、これまでの恨みを晴らす為に、自由自在に支配して人妻に性欲をぶつけていく!卑猥なポーズと夫の前でNTRは必見