Trade comes about No. 1! The exceptionally pro of our company. My senior Elena-san. I'm a long-standing boss who trusts me interior and exterior. Nowadays is an vital trade conversation. The trade trip goal is Tokyo. But I made a genuine botch. The lodging is shared room by botch. Caring for a intoxicated senior ... The valley of the senior's chest resting unprotected, a suit. Muramura has not halted, but has fair given out to seniors. Stirred by a senior who is wakeful and languid ... The minute I thought I was getting irate ... I kissed my lips and still ....営業成績No.1!我が社のまさにエース。僕の先輩エレナさん。社内外問わず信頼も厚く憧れの上司だ。今日は重要な商談。出張先は東京。しかし僕は重大なミスを犯してしまった。まさかの手違いでホテルが相部屋に。酔っ払ってしまった先輩を介抱…無防備に寝ている先輩の胸の谷間、はだけたスーツ。ムラムラは止まらなく、そのまま先輩に手を出してしまった。目が覚めて寝ぼけている先輩に…怒られると思った瞬間…僕の唇にキスしてそのまま…。