In the nude photo shoot, in close contact with the first meeting of man and underwear .... Every time a man 's hand touches the chest, the buttocks, and the neighborhood of the mako, the pikpiku body reacts, somehow endured but it is actually a null null. After that, when taking off to the pants and the bra and becoming unimpaired, the young man of the model is Ji コ Cobinbin, his wife is already having limit of patience! After taking a picture it turns into a bearded monster and sucks on another stick ... third bullet! !ヌード写真撮影では、最初の男と下着の会合に密接に...男の手が胸や臀部、麻子の近所に触れるたびに、ピックピクの体が反応し、何とか耐えましたが それは実際にはヌルnullです。 その後、ズボンとブラジャーに離陸して損なわれなくなると、モデルの若者はジコビビンビンです。彼の妻はすでに忍耐の限界を抱えています! 写真を撮った後、それはひげのついた怪物に変わり、別のスティックを吸う...第三弾! !