A 19-year-old beautiful girl "Kawai As Ita" who has both a phenomenal transparency and a supremely superb body is entering the AV world as a prestige exclusive actress! A year from the first experience, a beautiful girl who continues to comfort himself with frustrated feelings exposes the skin before the camera! A dazzling smile that can be played, a bust of H cup giving overwhelming radiance, desire for sexual desire to be ashamed despite being ashamed. The first shot of a natural beautiful girl without a point cloudy start to be covered with tension! If you kiss you, sighs overflow, and if you touch the outstanding sensitivity body, you sweet a sweet joy! Every time I pick it up, the bust shakes violently, blushing my cheeks and enjoying pleasure! A crowd of many times will be repeated and the door of new pleasures will be opened .... Absolute beautiful girl who constantly attracts height and attracts everything you can possess with full power comes down to Prestige驚異的な透明感と至高の極淫ボディを併せ持つ19歳の美少女『河合 あすな』がプレステージ専属女優としてAV界に進出!初体験から1年、悶々とした気持ちをひとりで慰め続けてきた美少女がカメラの前に素肌をさらけ出す!弾けるような眩しい笑顔、圧倒的な輝きを放つHカップのバスト、恥じらいながらも湧き上がる性の欲求。一点の曇りもない天然美少女の初撮りは緊張まみれでスタート!キスを交わせば吐息があふれ出し、感度抜群なカラダを弄れば甘い嬌声を響かせる!一突きするたびにバストが激しく揺れ動き、頬を赤らめて快感を堪能!幾度もの絶頂を重ね、新たな快楽の扉が開かれていく…。常に高みを見据え、持ち得るすべてを全力で魅せつける絶対的美少女がプレステージに降臨