Nonton Bokep A poetry of a housewife who dresses obnoxious costumes on fleshy bodies and spends everyday life. Always wanting an ompo, always having sex with her husband day and night. Such a wife of Okinpo loves hands to her husband's guests. A poetry that pleases the strange stranger in front of her husband and is pleased. Her husband is excited to see that. The sexual desire of a pervert couple escalates ... ....肉々しいカラダにいやらしいコスチュームを着衣し日常を過ごす主婦の詩織。常にオチンポを欲しがり昼夜を問わず夫とセックス三昧。そんなオチンポ好きの妻は夫の客人にまで手をだす始末。夫の前で他人棒を楽しみ乱れ喜ぶ詩織。その姿を見て興奮する夫。変態夫婦の性的欲求はエスカレートしてゆく…。