This time's housekeeper is 93 centimeters · K cup truck of busty tea. Kurokuri 's eyes and pretty voice is charming Mr. Fuzo is very good at cooking and cleaning. But the girls who are most proud of their service at night are girls who are not looking good on their faces and lack power! Please have a look at obscenous domestic appearances that are done naked throughout all the time and a number of thick-grooming service plays!今回の家政婦さんは93センチ・Kカップ爆乳の果歩さん。クリクリとした瞳や可愛らしい声が魅力的な果歩さんは料理や掃除がとっても得意。でも一番得意なのは夜のご奉仕だという、顔に似合わず精力絶倫の女の子!終始全裸で行う卑猥な家事姿や濃厚すぎるご奉仕プレイの数々をどうぞご覧ください!