Arisa-chan sits in her underwear in front of the mirror. The act escalate steadily, perhaps because he is excited about his appearance in the mirror. She takes off her underwear and looks at her local area through the mirror to expose her true feelings. Put on the nipple clip and start scribbling on your body. Writing obscene words with a red pen further increases the excitement. The voice of the heart and the imagination become more and more radical, and he begins to embrace with the desire to be violated by dirty men.   鏡の前に下着姿で座るありさちゃん。鏡に映る自分の姿に興奮しているのか、行為はどんどんエスカレートしていく。下着を脱ぎ捨て、自分の局部を鏡越しに見てM女の本心を曝け出していく。乳首クリップを装着し、さらに自分の体に落書きまでし始める。赤いペンで卑猥な言葉を書き連ね、興奮度はさらに増す。心の声も想像もどんどん過激になり、汚い男たちに犯される願望まで抱き始める。