Bokep Jepang suddenly suffered in the rain and mother-in-law is refuge to her daughter's house, a sudden visit. Is there, but to try to cheat the cock that son-in-law was out in the etch video in appreciation of the daughter-in-law is meet but had to react to the mother-in-law before the MILF wet in the rain or that will allo somehow, mother-in-law not to miss is ....突然の雨に見舞われて義母が娘宅へ避難、突然の訪問。嫁の留守中エッチビデオ鑑賞中だった婿が出迎えるがあろうことか雨に濡れた熟女を前に義母に反応してしまったチンポを何とか誤魔化そうとするがそこは、見逃さない義母が…。