Rikako is not ugly, but has a mysterious atmosphere. She must have been used as a toy for various men until now. She sticks out a plump butt and touches the chestnut, and her eyes are already Tron. It's a perverted guy who is happy to be scribbled all over his body. Two rotors were put in his pants, his head was swallowed and sucked, and he seemed happy to be pierced deep into his throat. He was then hit by a vibrator and felt swaying and finally screaming ブスではないが、不思議な雰囲気を持つ理香子。今まで色んな男のおもちゃにされてきたんだろう。むっちりとしたケツを突き出しクリを触られ、もう目がトロンとしている。体中に落書きされ喜ぶ変態野郎だ。パンツの中にローターを2個入れられて、そのまま頭を摑まれしゃぶらさせられ喉の奥まで突かれ嬉しそうだ。次に電マをあてられ、腰をくねらせ感じまくってとうとうイきやがった