"I will teach you the world you don't know" There was a bad habit in the wisdom from the National University of Literature. I love my younger cute boy, and I just hand out my son's friend. Wisdom to make up for the friend my son brought with me today. When I take it secretly so as not to barre to my son ... Restraint and begin to speak soggy and dirty language at the ear! I will commit a jerky, an ear and a cock, and will train until my son's friend becomes obedient.「君の知らない世界を私が教えてあげる」国立大の文学部出身の知恵には悪い癖があった。年下の可愛い少年が大好きで、つい息子の友達に手を出してしまうのだ。今日も息子が連れてきた友達を品定めする知恵。息子にバレないようにこっそり連れ出すと…拘束し耳元でねっとりと淫語を囁き始める!じわじわと耳もチンポも犯しつくし、息子の友達を従順になるまで調教していき…。