Height 150cm ... I cast loss when the high school student of "Kai" high school girls of idol kava amateur gal high school girls say that upper cast girl application reason is pocket money earning, just why it seems to be a gal but I want to have acrobatic sex! ... and curiosity against erotic is strong. When an actor gets in touch with the body, she looks like she can afford too much tension身長150cm…アイドル顔負けの激カワ素人ギャルの“ゆいちゃん”高校生のときは遊んだりもしていたと言うカースト上位系の女の子応募理由は小遣い稼ぎと、如何にもギャルらしい理由だがアクロバティックなセックスをしたい!…とエロに対する好奇心は旺盛。いざ男優が身体に触れると、余裕そうに見えてた彼女も緊張で…華奢な身体から汗が滲み出す…と同時にパンツにもシミが