This work may be a arrange to go to a active woman's working environment without authorization and to shoot at a settled time. Whereas working as an AV on-screen character, she seeks after a lovely lady who denies to shoot AV since she says "the plan isn't right" whereas coming to an meet. ① Mr. Nagata came to this day meet! She is dark and clean and has no impression of AV, but it may be common sense within the AV industry that such a lady is out of the blue lustful. ②One day after the meet. We caught the data that a company-sponsored BBQ was held, and promptly went to the location! Drink her lager in great climate and see her having fun with her colleagues! Ambush when I went to the washroomこの作品は忙しい女性の職場へ勝手に出向き、空いてる時間を決めつけて撮影をする企画である。AV女優兼業時代、面接に来つつも『スケジュールが合わない』と言う理由でAV撮影を断る美人さんを追いかけます。①この日面接にやって来たのは永田さん!黒髪で清らかでAVとは無縁な印象の彼女ですが、こういう女性が意外にスケベなのはAV業界では常識かもしれないですね♪②面接後のある日。会社主催のBBQが行われていると情報をキャッチした我々は、すぐさま現場へ!いい天気でビールを飲み、同僚たちと楽しんでいる彼女を確認!トイレに行った隙を見計らって突撃