On the first day of a large holiday, my mother went to see her father, who was alone, until the end of the holiday, and my sister and I were alone. A strange man who has entered the house aiming at it! ! The criminal tied me up and raped my sister in front of me! ! I want to help but I can't help! However, it is excited to see the violated face and erection. On the third day after being invaded, I witnessed that my sister fell alive with the criminal cock ...大型連休の初日、母さんが単身赴任の父さんのところに会いにいき、連休の終わる5日後まで、姉と僕の二人きり。そこを狙って家に侵入してきた見知らぬ男!!犯人は僕を縛り上げ、その目の前で姉をレイプしていく!!助けたいが助けられない!でもその犯される顔を見て興奮してクズ勃起。侵入されて3日目、姉が犯人のチンポでイキ堕ちしているのを僕は目撃してしまった…。