Naoko who adores her spouse! The spouse and the hitched couple who don't question Mr. Naoko who goes to a friend's wedding very delicately. There's a issue for them as well ... In reality, Naoko is extraordinary SEX compulsion! SEX is sufficient recurrence from a ordinary domestic, but it isn't sufficient for Naoko. Les Naoko-san gives a devil and goes to the primary issue. I'm a hitched lady as it were tonight旦那大好きな尚子さん!とっても優しく友達の結婚式に行くという尚子さんを疑いもしない旦那と夫婦円満な二人。そんな二人にも問題が…。実は尚子さんは極度のSEX中毒!普通の家庭からしたら十分な頻度のSEXだが尚子さんにとっては物足りず…。レスな尚子さんは魔が差し、初めての不倫へ。今夜だけは自分が人妻なのを