to 5 years ago quit a job that has been working for many years, how was the novelist and is husband and matchmaking marriage of the up-and-coming. Husband had sent an elegant living every day the son of the famous wealthy, no longer have to take care of the family that is left died suddenly mother-in-law. It was a Kana to fulfill its mission as also daughter-in-law while struggling, but would know the family secret from the strange occasions it. In the time to accept the family of trouble suffer from not say anyone, and sadism that lurk in the Kana is started tingling ....5年前に長年勤めてきた仕事を辞めて、新進気鋭の小説家である夫とお見合い結婚をしたかな。夫は有名な資産家の息子で毎日優雅な暮らしを送っていたが、突然義母が亡くなり残された家族の面倒を見なければならなくなってしまう。悪戦苦闘しながらも嫁としての任務を果たすかなだったが、ひょんな事から一家の秘密を知ってしまう。誰にも言えずに苦しむ一家の悩みを受け入れる度に、かなの中に潜むサディズムが疼き始めて…。