The teachers who came to the body treatment hospital to care for the tired body and mind in the class every day. I can not stand skillful talking and erotic techniques and forget the position of a priest and died suddenly it fell into a trap of pleasure! Normally she is a smiling teacher in front of the students, but it is actually a pretty nymphomania Shinji Rare Maasen. But even teachers are onna ... I just need to be honest with my feelings ....毎日の授業で疲れた体と心をケアをしようと整体治療院にやってきた先生たち。巧みな話術とエロいテクニックに我慢できず聖職者という立場を忘れアソコが淫らに疼いてしまい快楽の罠に堕ちてしまう!いつもは生徒の前でニコニコ笑顔の先生なのに、実はかなりの淫乱女だったなんてシンジラレマセン。でも、先生だってオンナだもの…自分の気持ちに正直になればいいんですよね…。