OL, big tits, orgy, solo work, cuckold and cuckold-NTR, creampie, sample videos Product number: jufe084 A colleague with whom he is working with Kimura, who is in charge of training, is in charge of training for a newly hired employee. However, this year's newcomers were in fact eye-catching when all the people who were ヤ ヤ 某 of the university were in line .... I can not drink alcohol at the social gathering after the training, and I am allowed to drink a special drink of a circle special product. Kimura who worries calls from the head office and leaves the training center, but according to the plan, it will end up in their poison fangs .... ★ Click here to purchase the adult book "Haruna Hana Photo Album OL,巨乳,乱交,単体作品,寝取り・寝取られ・NTR,中出し,サンプル動画 品番: jufe084 同僚の木村と結納を控えているはなは某企業の研修担当社員で今回も新入社員相手に研修を行っている。しかし今年の新人達は実は某大学のヤリサーだった面々が揃っていてはなに目をつけていたのだった…。研修後の懇親会で酒が飲めないはなにサークル名物の特製のドリンクを飲ませ酩酊させてしまう。心配する木村は本社から呼び出しがかかり研修センターを後にするのだが、案の定はなは彼らの毒牙にかかる事になってしまい…。★アダルトブック「春菜はな写真集」の商品ご購入はこちらから