When I unwind with my spouse on a blustery night, all of a sudden the entrance chime rings. At this time? And when I opened the entryway the color of my sister-in-law who was splashed with rain was standing there! When hearing the story it appears he battled with his spouse and bounced out of his house. In that case I chosen to let Aya remain, but when I peeped at the grimy impoverished who got damp with Sai and got damp, she said, "Alright brother, you're raising my nipple and you're raising?" A grin rubbed my groin with a smile. ty Lady雨の降る夜に妻とくつろいでいると突然玄関のチャイムが鳴る。こんな時間に?とドアを開けるとそこには雨でずぶ濡れになった義理の妹の彩が佇んでいた!話を聞くと夫と喧嘩して家を飛び出して来たそうだ。そういう事ならと彩を泊めさせる事にしたのだが、彩のびっしょりと濡れ透けた卑猥な恥部をつい覗いてしまうと、「お義兄さん.私の乳首見て勃起してるの?」と妖艶な微笑みを浮かべて彩は僕の股間を擦ってきたのだった.。