Natsuko is cohabitant with one senior, Koichi, who has been dating since school days. Two individuals who overcome the separate of guardians and destitute commerce administration of family trade and went to Tokyo together. It is at long last a news of a mystery offer to indeed Natsuko who gives himself to work chasing with a dream of a day to construct a ordinary but cheerful family in Tokyo. ! In expansion, they were two individuals who were upbeat to approach their dream, but Takada, the president of the company, enjoyed at a look Natsuko who came for the meet and was pointing.夏子は●校時代から交際をしているひとつ上の先輩・宏一と同棲している。両親の離婚や家業の経営不振などを乗り越え、共に上京してきた二人。この東京で平凡ながらも幸せな家庭を築く日を夢見て就職活動に精を出す夏子にも遂に内定の報せが…!!また一歩、夢に近づき喜ぶ二人だったが、内定先の社長・高田は面接に来た夏子をひと目で気に入り、狙いを定めていたのだった。