I want to watch with the cheeks buried in the two fruits actually grown in the female body, its moderately ripe softness .... In response to the desires of such men, this work contains four different situations. My parents who taste the breasts of my broken up daughter until mind, a brother-in-law who is home to musho and a bride who is deki, an erotic painter who hands a married woman's nude model, and a father who is related to the daughter who gave her to her daughter-in-law. I am sure you will be satisfied 女体に実った二つの果実、程よく熟れたその柔みに頬を埋めてまどろんで見たい…。そんな男たちの欲望に応える本作は、四つの異なるシチュエーションを収録。別れた娘の乳房を心行くまで味わう親父、ムショ帰りの義兄とデキている嫁、人妻ヌードモデルに手を出すエロ画家、嫁に出した娘と関係してる父親など、バリエーション豊かであります。必ずやご満足頂けるかと存じます。