Nanami who kept being scolded if it was a man who can not use from the boss of the work. She was also troubled with daily stress and poor performance, and her colleague introduced her to a seminar that she would study very much. I was eager to reinvent the wheel from my ineffective, and her achievements increased dramatically, but the price was immeasurable.職場の上司から使えない奴だと罵られ続けた菜奈実。日々のストレス、業績の低下にも悩んでいた彼女は同僚から非常に勉強になるセミナーの紹介される。駄目な私から生まれ変わりたい一心で受講し、彼女の業績は飛躍的に伸びるのだが、その代償は計り知れないものだった。