Change to a swimsuit in which an amateur girl caught by a high prize money melts and challenge Tsu ○ tar game! Amateur girl whose opponent is confused with a man .... Open legs, protrude your butt, the evil hands to an amateur girl with such embarrassing posture! A beam of water that gets released one by one from the surrounding water guns hits the swimsuit directly! Swimwear faster and faster! My nipples and my eyes are getting more and more! Amateur daughter who caught a bottle of water also naturally failed in the game! A fun punishment game immediately with melted swimsuit!高額賞金に釣られた素人娘が溶ける水着に着替えてツイ○ターゲームに挑戦!対戦相手が男で困惑する素人娘…。開脚したり、お尻を突き出したり、そんな恥ずかしい体勢の素人娘に魔の手が!周りの水鉄砲から次々に放たれる水のビームが水着を直撃!どんどん溶けていく水着!どんどん見えてきちゃう乳首とマ○コ!あっちもこっちもポロリしまくりの素人娘は当然ゲームにも失敗!溶けた水着のまま即ファックの罰ゲーム!