Aine-chan (21 years old) is a designer of a famous advertising company. She seems to have applied for a part-time job for this shoot because her salary has been reduced recently due to the recession and she has run out of money to play. At first glance, Aine-chan looks like an adult, but she said, I'll do anything that makes money, and she seems to be able to handle naughty requests, so she moved to the hotel immediately. First of all, request telephone masturbation as a starting point. I started masturbating while holding my cell phone to my ear (laughs). It's okay for such a cute girl to have phone sex with her partner. Aine-chan, who has completely switched to erotic mode, begins begging for more comfort. She has a completely erotic female face, and she blows herself as if she wants her to come in early. As she wished, she screwed in the dick that erected hard at once (^^) V あいねちゃん(21才)は某有名広告会社のデザイナーさん。不況のため最近お給料が減給されて遊ぶお金がなくなってきた為に今回の撮影のアルバイトに応募してきたそうです。一見大人しそうに見えるあいねちゃんですが、「お金になる仕事なら何でもします」と、エッチなリクエストも割り切ってやってくれるそうなので早速、ホテルに移動。まずは、手始めにテレフォンオナニーをリクエスト。素直に携帯を耳に当てながらオナニーをはじめちゃいました(笑)。こんな可愛い女の子が相手のテレフォンセックスっていいですね~。エロモードに完全にスイッチがはいったあいねちゃん、もっと気持ちよくしとほしいとおねだりし始めちゃう始末。完全にエロいメスの顔になっている彼女、早く入れて欲しいのか自らフェラ。そんな彼女の願いどおり、一気に硬くギンギンに勃ったチンコをねじ込んであげました(^^)V